Let Them Read Magazines

9 02 2011

It’s Marie Antoinette who is miss quoted as saying “let them eat cake“.  The story goes that the peasants were starving and a maid came to her and told her that the peasants had nothing to eat but bread.  Marie who at the time was eating cake held a piece up to the woman’s face and in a sarcastic voice said let them eat cake.  This has become an iconic image for the care free life stlye that many in an aristocratic position are believed to hold along with a few that no one other themselves matter.  Now this post is not going to disscus the held ideologies of some long dead monarch but it does present an intresting idea.  Is there a strange sort of wisdom in this let them eat cake attitude?

Life is hard and unfair, I don’t think you would find to many people who would disagree with me on that one.  We all need a break form it now and then and there is no shame in that, but is in this strange and sarcastic saying that I found a strange bit of wisdom.  We all need to have an escape.  If you think about the image of a bunch of starving people and a monarch figure giving out cake it would seem to me that she is trying to get them to forget that they are starving and saying look how can things be that bad if you have cake to eat?  We do this to our selves all the time and in most cases we don’t even realize we are doing it and not only we do it all the time we also have become so dependent on it that we have found and built ways to bring it with us.

As I write this I am listening to music, and just before this I was watching a TV show on my laptop.  You see I was escaping my life in the form of media.  We all do it all the time.  When we feel bad we play and up beat song or a sad song when we need to hurt.  We watch different TV shows based on what we want to feel.  Why do we do this because we need an escape from the drab world around us.  We have become have amazing at being gods to the tiny worlds we have created.  Not do we do this but we become so disconnected from the real world and so addicted to this notion that we can escape and have some control that we have spent millions on make and acquiring devices that would allow us to do this from any where on the earth.

iPods, iPad, PSP, DS, there all built so that you can wonder out into the world without being in the world.  Now don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that listen to music to sooth yourself is some sort of terrible act that has no place in a modern society but what I am saying is that we need to monitor ourselves and make sure we don’t become addicted to the diluted idea that we in fact have a large degree of control in the world we live in.

We all need a break now and then and I can’t help but think that that is the beautiful side to the entertainment industry, it allows us to lie to ourselves.  It is however worth mentioning that even well this all maybe true that does not excuse us from our duties as both human beings and citizens.  But the next time you hear someone insulting the entertainment industry just as them to think about what our world would be like if we didn’t have an escape every now and then.  So as far as I see it “let them read magazines”.



26 01 2011

Have you ever really stopped and thought about just how lucky we really are to be alive?  To start with, the fact that we were born at all is incredibly unlikely.  We were one of thousands of sperms who just happened to find that particular egg and had that not happen you wouldn’t be reading this.  Then think about the fact that the same thing had to happen to your parents and their parents and their parents and so on just for you to ever be born.  And that is just the tip of the huge amount of chance that has happened to bring you and you alone into the world.

Now think about the planet.  If the planet was a little cooler or a little hotter, you guessed it.  If the chain of evolution didn’t have the exact same mutations up until this point none of us would exist.  Now think about the fact that if the weather patterns had of occurred even just a little different the world wouldn’t even look the same.  If you think about it we are incredibly lucky.

Now lets take it one final step out think about the universe and the galaxy.  If the big bang had of happened with just a single degree difference  in temperature the whole universe would be different.  If the molecules had have been spinning in just a slightly different direction or at just a tiny bit different speed the galaxy we are in would have formed very different.

The next time you look up into the night sky and think how full of wonder it is just think that there is even more wonder in your existence.  When you feel down about the bad things in your life just think of how lucky you are to be feeling anything at all.  I mean sometimes things get rough and hard but those are the moments we need to stop and look for the good in the world instead of looking at the bad and dwelling on it.  So remember no mater how bad things seem right now you are very lucky to be alive and no matter what the obstacle you face may be you will always be a very lucky individual.

The Numbers What Do They Mean!

19 01 2011

Ok stay with me for a sec and I need you to two things:

1) Look at this list of numbers: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610, 987, 1597, 2584, 4181, 6765, 10946, 17711, 28657, 46368, 75025, 121393, 196418, 317811, 514229, 832040, 1346269, 2178309, 3514578, 5702887, 9217465.

2) Go to Wikipedia and type in Fibonacci number and read a little bit about it.

So if you read the article or didn’t what you should know is we really have no idea why these numbers pop up all over the place.  But I have come up with a theory that just might finally explain to us what this means, and no it’s not god.

I have been obsessed with these numbers from the moment I heard them and I simply had to understand what they meant and after reading string theory and m theory I think I have an answer.  I started to ask what does a bee’s nest, a sunflower, a sea-horse, parts of the human body, the galaxies all have in common?  The more I searched the more I realized I was gonna need to go very broad in order to get something that matches everything and then I found it.

Matter.  Well strings and the formation of matter to be exact.  You see matter is simply bits of string pulled together based on the way they vibrate.  But as I have said before the world is spinning and so is the galaxy and I believe maybe even the universe as well.  What we are seeing in this number could be as simply as the pattern that matter must follow as it is coming together while spinning and being subject to centrifugal force.

I believe that what we are seeing is not the “thumb print of god”… unless you consider god to be the laws that govern the universe in which case if you do then yes it is.  Now a simply way to imagine this process is to think of a record player with paper instead of a record and a writing utensil instead of a needle.  No matter what we use to write ( be it a pencil or a marker or a pen) we will always get the same shape spaced perfectly apart as long as the record player is working at optimal performance and I believe that what we are seeing in these numbers are the same principle but on a much bigger and grander scale.

Now while you are thinking about that do yourself a favor and look up all of the interesting places that the Fibonacci numbers pop up. I hope this will keep most of you interested until next week.

My Apologies And Other Irrelevant Excuses

12 01 2011

In my last post I said that I would up date every Wednesday, and then I just vanished for a little while.  Why?  Well I could tell you a whole lot of excuses but the truth is I simply got caught up in what I was doing and therefore didn’t think to update my blog.  Just like most people I was wrapped up in the holidays.  I was using the gifts I was given and enjoying a once a year break from some of the more difficult aspects of life.

Now while I understand that having a good time is not an excuse to break your word I will say that the holidays are the one time of year where I really just sit back and let the world spin and dance around me much like the steam from my hot chocolate.  Besides who could really be focused on work and the like when there are lights flickering and calling to be looked at and the world is embraced in a cold white blanket.  It would seem to me that letting a time of year as relaxing as the holidays go by, while you are absorbed in you duties would be a detriment to your health and while I’m not a health nut I do believe that stress kills and a little release every now and then never killed anyone… I don’t think it has anyway.

I will however starting today and continuing for as long as I can be sticking to the schedule laid out in the last post.  This post will also (as I’m sure you have noticed by now) be smaller than my average ones.  This is just a quick apology and a notice letting people know that I will in fact be going back to my regular schedule now.  I hope you had a good holiday and a happy new year and I am glad to have you all along for the journey throughout the new year.

No Good Or Bad and New Schedule

8 12 2010

I just want to quickly get my new schedule out of the way.  From now on I plan on posting every Wednesday I am also going to try and make my post longer by writing my post over the course of a week, meaning that I don’t need to rush as much and can instead write much longer post (not that I always will just on average).

“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so”. William Shakespeare wrote those lines in Hamlet.  It’s a quote that I have long thought about because it’s a rather strange thought.  What he is saying is that nothing is good or bad but our perception will always give rise to view an event in one of these two terms or in one of their other incantations such as right or wrong.  Is it really possible that there can be no good or evil? How could we have morals if there is no good or evil?  What does it say about a world and its inhabitants if it lacks the ability to define the events that surround it?

For the sake of making writing this easier on me, instead of writing and rewriting the words good and evil lets simply refer to both as morals.  Lets start by taking a look at what we are at our base, animals.  All most all animals show no sign of morals.  After an animal kills it does not sulk or feel sorry but instead eats.  When an animal takes food form another it does not do it as a punishment or in the mentality that it is going to hurt that animal but it does so simply to survive.  So what is it that makes us different? Society.

Everyone knows that there are certain things that come with living in a society such as following its rules and this is where morals come into play.  Morals are based on what is viewed in a society (based on a set of rules) as right and wrong.  The morals and their reactions such as shame and guilt are simply there because we have been taught that the actions we did to get said emotion are wrong.  So since we invented society and thus the rules that govern it, then by connection we made morals.

Morals if viewed in this regarded are not something that your are born with but instead are something that you are taught when you are a child.  A child does not know that stealing is wrong but learns when it is punished for doing it.  Therefore the moral regarding stealing is not born into the child but is learned based on a system of punishment and reward.  Take another example a child does not know that giving something to someone who needs it is a good thing to do but when it is rewarded for doing so it quickly learns that that action is favorable and so it will learn that doing things for other people is a good moral to have.

A final point being made for the idea that morals are learned and not something we are either born with or are god given is the fact that what is viewed in a certain light in one society can be viewed very different in another.  For example in some societies it’s seen as expectable for a man to have more than one wife, while in others that is seen as a punishable offense.  In some societies women are to be covered at all times while in other it seen as more favorable for a woman to wear as little as possible.  Morals are a nurture system not a nature.

Morals in the end are nothing more than a side effect of living in a society.  They are system built to help us interact with the other people in our society.  They are a good thing to have as it allows for people to quickly decided what they should do ( and shouldn’t do) in almost any given situation but it we should also remember that they are a societal thing and that no one set of morals is really superior to any other.


6 10 2010

Time does strange things to our bodies.  Yet it does even stranger things to our mind.  When I was a child I was full of wonder.  I could sit and watch clouds for ever.  Now clouds in themselves are not all that amazing,  but it was in the wondering of why they where there and how they came to be there that I was captivated.  I used to wonder if something was buried in the sand and now most of that wondering has simply stopped.  You see over time we gives names to events and reactions, and things as magical as snow become water crystals, lighting is just a static discharge.  How great would it be to be able to steal back just a small amount of that wonder I used to know, how magic would the world be if you didn’t know why the seasons changed or why the leaves changed color. If there is one thing I have learned thus far in life its that I should have never learned as much as I have not that knowing things sucks its just that it kills that natural wonder I used to have and we all need a little wonder in our lives.


15 07 2010

Ok this is just a quick post to announce that I’m starting that posting ever day now even though I’m a little late and that my first topic is going to look at the differences between men and woman form three stand points biochemically, anthropologically, and socially so I hope you guys are ready for some grade A knowledge :).